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** HIKING **

5 minutes drive from Kinnikinnick are a number of unique hiking trails that you can enjoy at no cost. Ask our staff for more information.

Kinnikinnick Review
If you enjoy hiking and the weather is good, then the Butze Rapids / Grassy Bay trail could be quite enjoyable for you. You can easily spend 2 hours on it and it's not steep. Nice place to have a picnic. The common plants and trees are tagged with their species names. The trail entrance is on Highway 16 (half way between Port Edward & Prince Rupert).

More Info Below:

Oliver Lake Bonsai Forest
Located 4 km east of Prince Rupert on Highway 16. Walk through a natural bonsai park, forested with stunted lodge pole pines. Nature trails allow a close look at the vegetation, with trees over 100 years old. Don’t miss the tiny insect-eating “sundew” plants in the bog.

Butze Rapids Trail/ Grassy Bay Trail
Located about six km east of Prince Rupert on Highway 16. The Butze Rapids Trail is a 4.8 km easy going loop that takes hikers through old growth forests. View the Butze Rapids, Prince Rupert’s very own reversing tidal rapids, from this trail. The Grassy Bay Trail ties into the Butze Rapids trail. Interpretive signs are along the trails and there are short steep sections, so children may need assistance. Parking lot on the highway. Please note that wolves are known to frequent the area, so please do not take you dog with you.

Mt. Oldfield and Mt. Hays
For those dedicated hikers, it is possible to begin a trek from the Mt. Oldfield Meadows Trail, and continue up to the viewpoint on Mt. Oldfield (8.4 km return) or to the top of Mt. Hays. These are demanding hikes and are not for inexperienced climbers. The “buddy system” is definitely mandatory. An easier climb, although still pretty vertical, is the road access to the top of Mt. Hays (starting at the end of Wantage Road). This road can be travelled by vehicle but you need a 4-wheel drive and the drive is challenging with little or no turning space.


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