- "Nicest camground we've stayed at!"
                                                                                  -D. Fleur (France)

- "Most Beautiful Campground yet!"
                                                                                   -Hans F. (Belgium)

- "Incredible job creating a beautiful space with
    all the comforts, yet so natural."

                                                                                    -S. Markham (USA)
- "Fantastic place -beautifully built into the
     landscape. Terraced sites great for privacy."

                                                                                   -J. Perkis (Canada)

- "Great feeling to the place"      -H Davey (New Zealand)
- "Loved our stay"                                 -H&S Lisk (Canada)
- "No better Campground"           -M. Pohl (Canada)
- "Very unique spot by salamander pond"
                                                                                  -Mynen (Canada)

- "Nice calm atmosphere for camping"
-R. Chase (Canada)
- "Nice and clean washrooms"  -T. Berg (Germany)

- "Very friendly helpful staff"   -G. Rink (Florida, USA)
- "Will recommend you to everyone -thanks for
     a great time. Loved it."
           - S. Wall (Arizona, USA)


"Just a short note from the Fort Ware Elders group. We all enjoyed the camp facilities so much and are enjoying them again through the many pictures we took. A big thank you to you. Your campground is lovely! "
-Susan McCook, on behalf of Kwadacha Elders

"I just wanted to say I love this place so does my whole family"

"It's such a beautiful campground and everything is perfect!! Thanks so much"
-Melonie B.

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